cSol Charge Controller

The cSol is a DC power controller capable of monitoring, recording and controlling the voltage, current and power generated by the solar panels and that supplied to the grid and to the batteries (acid and / or lithium). It has 3 totally independent 120 VCD power supply outputs.

The cSol is capable of performing tasks such as:

  • Load, discharge and protection control for a lithium battery module and / or an acid battery bank.
  •  Control of three outputs, programmable by the software sSol.
  • Operation of a control output.
  • Control of solar panel input.
  • Control of an auxiliary input.
  • Communication via USB ports, 485, Bluetooth and optional Ethernet and PLC.

Typical system

  • Solar Panel It is advisable to use 8 panels of 300W in series to obtain 300V.
  • Battery Module. It is formed by lithium batteries with output of 140Vcd. +/- 20 and 1.2 kWh.
  • Auxiliary input.It is an auxiliary power source that serves to avoid power cuts in outputs 1, 2 and 3. It is activated with a control output, when there is no energy coming from the solar cells and there is no energy stored in the batteries.
  • Battery bank. It is recommended 10 batteries of acid in series to obtain 120 VCD. This module is optional in case of not having the lithium battery module.
  • cSol. It is the eqipment responsible for monitoring and operating the system, performing the loading / unloading tasks, protects the batteries, it manages the energy received from the solar cells or the auxiliary input, configures, controls and measures the consumption of the outputs And the energy flows of the different units that make up the micro network.

Typical system

Product Innovation

The cSol includes devices and components capable of using DC direct current obtained from renewable sources (solar, wind and hydro) to be incorporated into Off-Grid micro-networks.

Para  facilitar la operación del equipo en la parte de control se cuenta con:

  • Pantalla alfanumérica (LCD).
  • Botones de navegación.
  • Puerto de comunicación USB.
  • Indicadores Luminosos.

Maximum Control

The cSol monitors and controls when the power demand exceeds the energy capacity supplied by the solar cells and when the equipment draws power from the lithium battery module and / or the battery bank of acid to compensate for the missing. In the event that the demand continues and the battery backups are insufficient, the equipment through its control output switches to an external generation source, in a transient way, until the demand deficit has ceased and the battery bank Has been loaded again.

Product advantages

  • Minimal pollution in the environment.
  • Low operation cost
  • Return on the investment in 4 to 6 years
  • Low maintanance cost
  • Electricity can be accessed in remote locations where previously unavailable
  • It controls, measures and registers values of voltage, current and power.
  • It communicates via Ethernet, 485, USB, PLC and Bluetooth.
  • Measures flows of energy between each unit that make up the system.
  • Safe and reliable when using direct current.


Salidas S1, S2, S3
Rated VoltageEqual to the Batterty Voltage
CurrentThe one supplied by the battery / cells
ProtectionShort Circuit
Control Output SC
OperationDry Contact (Programmable)
Ratred Voltage120v
Cells250 a 380 VCD
Auxiliar220 VCA
Batteries140+/- 20% VCD

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