About Us


esol green innovation was formed by a group of researchers dedicated to the design and development of products of high technological level, with more than 40 years of experience. Winners of the national PNT award and the association of managers of applied research and technological development ADIAT, for the development of systems for the measurement and monitoring of electrical parameters at the national level, for the Federal Electricity Commission of Mexico (CFE) . Developments like board-type electricity meters, fault recorders, calibration tables and now products focused on renewable energy, make an innovative company that breaks paradigms in this area of ​​energy distribution. In 2015, the esol green innovation project is integrated, in order to optimize photovoltaic power generation systems, by means of an innovative direct current (DC) generation project, designing a direct current (DC) load controller ” CSol “converter and a DC-AC converter” uSol “, which gives rural communities the opportunity to count on electricity in a reliable, safe and economical way, as well as being able to obtain electricity for pumping water in places where previosly this service was not available.

Currently we are breaking paradigms with the new generation of eSol equipment focused on renewable energy using photovoltaic solar energy as a source of direct current DC to 140 Volts and designing autonomous, efficient, economic and safe systems for the supply of electrical energy to micro-networks under the concept of shared economy (Share economy).

Our Team

David Silva Rosado

Managing Director
University of Guadalajara
He has extensive experience in technology management and for many years has led various companies dedicated to the design and development of innovation products with high technological value. He has been a director of CCIJ, CADELEC, CEREINTRA and CANIETI.

Ricardo Aceves Lozano

Technical Director
His experience has been in the area of electronic design and measurement of electrical parameters. It has developed various equipment such as fault recorders in transmission lines, measurement and recording equipment (Watthorimeters), calibration tables and equipment oriented to the management and use of renewable energy. He has won national awards such as Technological Innovation and the National Technology Prize.

Gustavo Quintero Carrillo

Head of Software Development
All his experience has been dedicated to the development of electronic technology. Responsible for important projects in software development for fault recorder, multifunction meters and systems for control, registration and monitoring of information for electrical energy. His last works have been oriented to the development of a software for a Microgrid in clean energies under the concept of shared economy.

Oscar Rocha Haro

Product Engineer
Product engineer with extensive experience in the electrical sector in measurement, recording, control and electric billing systems. Specialist in systems of test and calibration. He has been involved in software development of meters, calibration tables and controllers of renewable energy, mainly photovoltaic.

Zulema Morales Martínez

Administrative Director
SEAS, España
Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara
Zulema has extensive experience in International Trade, Marketing, Procurement and Development in the supply chain. In recent years she has specialized in the area of renewable energies, particularly in photovoltaic systems, responsible for the project of a Microgrid in the buffer zone in the Spring Forest, protected area in the state of Jalisco, Mexico.

Ernesto Sánchez Proal


MBA de Central Michigan University
Ernesto has extensive experience in the electrical and electronic sector. He has founded and directed important national and international companies. He was President of the IEEE West Section, CADELEC and National Vice President of Innovation of CANIETI. He is also an Editorial Advisor for the newspaper Milenio y Mural and editorialist of Grupo Reforma.