Advantages of Shared Energy System

(Share economy) in non-grid connected micro-nets powered by photovoltaic solar energy

  • It will be possible to manage a reliable and efficient network based on direct current generation in DC through solar photovoltaic energy.
  • The system is more economical than the traditional system, since it minimizes conversions of direct current to alternating current, considerably reducing the energy losses that are caused in traditional systems of supply.
  • We will have shared power software, which will allow us to measure, control and record the energy flows between all the members of the micro network, for later analysis and to make decisions to have more efficiency and lower costs in the generation and transmission Of the energy generated.
  • Being a system designed in DC is more secure, since the voltage that is handled is of 120 volts in DC instead of 48 volts of AC.
  • With the software of each unit can analyze the values of power, voltage, current and consumption data, allowing us to specify based on this information, consumption times of the different devices, devices, lighting and irrigation with which it is counted.
  • There are safety measures in case there is a fault in the system.
  • Being under the system of shared economy will allow us to sell our surplus energy generated in our unit for economic gain.
  • The system comes with a 25 years warranty.
  • We have the personalized and specialized service to support all our clients.
  • With the off grid system, we will be exempt from any increase in electricity supply rates.
  • It will allow us to help our environment by not generating GHG greenhouse gases.
  • El sistema es totalmente flexible, por lo que se podrá expandir de manera sencilla para cubrir las necesidades de cada comunidad.
  • The investment made by the off grid system in DC is more economical in the medium term than the conventional power supply.
  • Thanks to technological advances, the costs of the parts forming the System are decreasing, such is the case of solar panels.