Data control and monitoring systems for DC direct-microstrips not connected to the electrical power supply.

cSol Charge Controller

The cSol is an intelligent electric power controller that operates with DC direct current, capable of monitoring, recording and controlling the voltage, current and power generated by the solar panels and supplying it to a DC supply network and batteries for storage (acid/lithium).

sSol Monitoring System

The sSol monitoring system makes it possible to exploit to the maximum the analysis and control capacity of the cSol generation system by providing local and / or remote information on consumption records, possible billing and real-time load control.

Micro Inverter uSol

The uSol is a wall-mounted device used to connect electrical appliances, machines and pumps that operate in AC to the DC network, thus avoiding losses of conversion of DC-AC-DC power.

Microgrid Investment Opportunity

Bringing Renewable Energy to Remote Ecotourism Community

About Us

esol green innovationIs formed by a group of researchers dedicated to the design and development of products of high technological level, with more than 40 years of experience.
Developments such as board-type electricity meters, fault recorders, calibration tables and now products focused on renewable energy, make an innovative company that breaks paradigms in this area of energy distribution.
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Advantages of Shared Energy System

(Share economy) in non-grid connected micro-nets powered by photovoltaic solar energy

  • It will be possible to manage a reliable and efficient network based on direct current generation in DC through solar photovoltaic energy.
  • The system is more economical than the traditional system, since it minimizes conversions of direct current to alternating current, considerably reducing the energy losses that are caused in traditional systems of supply.
  • Being under the system of shared economy will allow us to sell our surplus energy generated in our unit for economic gain.
  • We have the personalized and specialized service to support all our clients.

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